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Most recent works:

O Barco 'O Barco'; 21x24x10; €125,-
Kop 'Kop'; Collage, 50x60; €110,-
toil 'Toil & Trouble'; 21x24x10; €125,-
Liberty attacked by sharks 54x65x8 7 kg € 250,--
'Ladyfriend', wood, ceramics, 10x12x8cm. €95,-
'Freedom & Justice' 13x9,59,5cm, wood, iron, coin, € 95,-
'Lourdes' 14x15x9,5cm wood,ceramic, iron, coins. € 95,--
Wood #2 51x64x7, 3,6 kg, old oak and found objects. (sold)

Videoclip, July 2012

Show at Lily's gallery finished.

Some pictures of exhibition:

Show at Lily's gallery, Den Haag

On show will be the more or less completed village-project (see below), some paintings, some three-dimensional works and some graphic work.

Continued project: the village

A miniature village of ceramic houses, flats and bridges and so on, will be built over the next few months. Earlier work on this project can be seen at '3d works/ceramics'   Some examples of recent work below.

Project december 2008-april 2010: Daily Collages

The project consists of making one digital collage a day, in photoshop, using newspapers and my own drawings and pictures. (There's a slight gap in daily ritual, from july 10 2009 until november 14 2009.) Some examples:

Here is flash movie slide show of work from april 2010. Push those buttons! More flash movies of work from previous months at grafix

Collages now on sale

Prints of the odd 360 collages made up to today are available in a signed, stamped and numbered version. Number of prints will be limited to 1. Price of one print on high quality A3 size paper is: € 25,-, postage and packaging (carton tube) included. For more information on ordering, send a mail to: or call (00351)917618997


'A man may have a great suite of attendants, a beautiful palace, great influence and a large income. All that may surround him, but is not in him... Measure his height with his stilts off: let him lay aside his wealth and his decorations and show himself to us naked... What sort of soul does he have? Is his soul a beautiful one, able, happily endowed with all her functions? Are her riches her own or are they borrowed? Has luck had anything to do with it?... That is what we need to know; that is what the immense distances between us men should be judged by.' Michel de Montaigne.

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